About Us


The Low Down on Field Strips:

Do you like snacks? I do. Does it bug you that your parents always want you to eat healthy snacks? It bugs me. I have a plan. Field strips are healthy snacks that taste good! I promise! They’re fruit, veggies and healthy fats.

I started making and selling them so other kids could have healthy snacks. I also want to help kids in our area, so I donate 5% of the profits I make to Colorado Feeding Kids!

How we became a business:

When I was young, I had some food allergies and health problems. My mom started making fruit strips with spinach and healthy fat as an alternative to the all fruit versions she used to buy at the store. I loved them. As I got older, I started helping with the cooking and baking. During COVID lockdown, I decided it would be neat to start a business and share one of my favorite snacks with others. So, with some help from my mom and a couple friends, I started Field Strips!

About Me


I’m McKay. I’m really into science, skiing, and Schnoodles (and possibly other things that start with S). I have a Schnoodle (Schnauzer-Poodle) named Luna. I am excited about Fields Strips because I like to cook, and I like to help kids. Starting a business has been fun and challenging. Though I’ve been nervous, I’ve really enjoyed participating in business pitches. I LOVE Field Strips, but I promise not to eat all our product. That being said, I will be an integral part of our research and development team (in other words, a taste-tester). You can count on me.