Nutritious, delicious snacks for every adventure

Next generation fruit strips jam packed with real organic fruit, veggies, and coconut oil for kids of all ages

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Due to Colorado Cottage Food Regulations, Field Strips are only available for sale in Colorado. We hope to grow to more markets soon!


A delicious fruit blend including strawberries, pineapple, mango, peaches and blueberries combined with spinach and coconut oil for a sweet snack the whole family will love!

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Mango with loads of blueberries for an antioxidant boost and a great flavor combination. These fruits are blended with spinach and coconut oil for a healthy snack that is also a tasty treat!

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Apple Ginger

For the more adventurous, this apple-ginger combination is a little bit sweet with a spicy kick of ginger and the same wholesomeness of spinach and coconut oil that sets Field Strips apart from typical fruit strips.

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Field Strips are A HIT at our house! The whole family devoured them within minutes and are already asking for more!

Whitney P., mom

As a mom of a picky toddler, I was so happy to find a healthy snack that my toddler loved!

Sally, mom

It literally tastes like real pineapple!! Tastes very natural. It’s delicious and has a good texture.

Stella, age 10

The tropical is sweet and yummy. I love the apple in the apple ginger ones

Rylee, age 10

Way better than the ones you buy in the store and it tastes like a dried smoothie.

Dot, age 11

I love that they’re thin! I really like the taste and that it wasn’t too sticky. I’ve even been having tooth sensitivity and ate them with no problem!

Ashley, mom

Field Strips are delicious. The apple ginger has a strong flavor, in a good way. The tropical flavor tastes lighter and airier.  I would love to have these as a hiking snack, in my lunch box or going around town.

Heidi, age 9

We need more of these right away!

Malcolm, age 5

Great value. Delicious!

Marilyn, grandma

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Field Strips is Licensed & Insured

Field Strips are currently available for delivery and shipment within Colorado per Cottage Licensing Regulations. Field Strips is insured through the Food Liability Insurance Program.


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